Installing Solar Panels

What happens next…

You will receive a quotation and project report, this will provide the total cost of supplying, installing and commissioning a solar photovoltaic system for your property and will include performance projections, a rate of return on investment for the next twenty years, a roof layout (with options where appropriate) together with other technical information.

When we have received a signed acceptance of quotation we will provide written confirmation of the arrangements for your installation. To ensure due diligence, in regard to project management, the installation will take place within 7 – 14 days from acceptance. A typical sequence of events is summarised below.

Before Installation

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property rated at band D or above is required to qualify for the higher Feed in Tariff (FiT) rate. You will be contacted by our EPC inspector to arrange a survey. There is no additional charge to you for this survey.

Shortly before the installation is to take place we will arrange for scaffolding/scaffold staging to be delivered and erected at your property.

The Installation

Work normally starts at between 8:30 and 9:00am and concludes mid/late afternoon.

We do not sub-contract installations, we employ our own electrician and one or both the Solar Star Power directors (David) will carry out the work on your roof. You can then be assured that the work undertaken is of a high quality and we can confidently provide you with a 10 year workmanship warranty .

After Installation

Arrangement will be made for scaffolding/staging to be collected and any packaging and rubbish will be removed.

Once the system is operational we will provide your handover pack including your MCS Certificate which is needed in order for you to complete your application to your electricity supplier for the Feed in Tariff.

We will obtain and then complete as much of the Feed in Tariff application form as we can prior to handover.

We will contact you around a month after installation to establish that the system is performing to expectations.