Solar iBoost uses the energy you are generating from your pv array that you are not otherwise using in the home to heat the water in your tank.

You only need to have a hot water tank with an immersion in your home for you to use Solar iBoost and get even more savings from your investment in PV. In summertime you can expect to get a full tank of hot water if you’re out a lot in the daytime or have a large pv array and low energy usage. In winter Solar iBoost will use excess pv energy generation to preheat your water so you will still be saving throughout the year.

The Sender has a clamp which monitors if electricity is being fed back to the grid or not. You may be at home and only using 20-30% of the energy produced by the PV array. This information is picked up and transmitted to the Solar iBoost which cleverly knows just how much energy to release to the immersion. Even a steady flow of just 200W to the immersion will start to raise the temperature and save you money.

Good morning David, I just thought I would email you to say whan an excellent piece of equipment the Solar I Boost is. Our gas boiler went to boiler heaven more than six weeks ago and whilst we have bought a new boiler, getting a gas fitter to come and fit it is like pulling hens teeth! Solar I Boost to the rescue!

Apart from a couple of days being without hot water (when the sun failed to play the game!) the Solar I Boost has provided lots of hot water in the tank in the airing cupboard. We are so pleased that you advised us to incorporate the Solar I Boost into our solar panel installation work and to our minds the money was well spent having come into its own over the past few weeks. If you would like any recommendation as to the efficiency of the Solar I Boost then please feel free to use our names. Hope you are keeping well and kind regards.

Lena (Cheadle)

The cost is just £375.00 fully installed.

If you do not have an immersion heater installed in your hot water tank we can arrange this, along with wiring if required by our qualified electricians.