Welcome to Solar Power Power

Solar PV panels use free renewable energy from the sun and convert this into electricity, which can then be used in the home and the excess exported to the National Grid. Solar panels are a great way of significantly reducing your electricity bills as well as earning you a guaranteed 20 year income from the Feed in Tariff scheme and export payments. Prices range from £5,000 to just over £5,500 for a typical 4kW domestic system. You are also doing your bit to combat global warming – solar power is the cleanest, most renewable source of energy there is, producing nothing in the way of emissions. No wonder solar panels are proving to be so popular. At Solar Star Power Ltd we have considerable experience of installing domestic and commercial PV solar systems to suit most requirements. We conduct a short survey of your property with a view to designing a system that will maximise your solar electricity generation and will try our best to meet any specific requirements you may have.

Following the survey we will send you a design and technical specification, including recommended roof layout together with a detailed financial breakdown of the income you can expect to get. We leave the quotation with for you to make your own decision; there is no hard sell from us.

Because we are a local company there will always be an installation nearby for you to view and receive feedback from the customer. Further recommendations for Solar Star Power can be found on www.yougen.co.uk, just go to ‘Find a Local Installer’ and search Solar Photovoltaic & Anywhere in the UK on their home page. We are in the top ten recommended installers in the country.

We are a fully MCS (Micro Generation Certification Scheme) accredited company – meaning we comply with stringent industry guidelines and requirements plus we are members of the HIES consumer protection scheme. Our accreditation body is NAPIT Certification Limited and we are signatories to their code of conduct which can be viewed by clicking the following link: ‘NAPIT’

You may wish to have a look at the advice given by the Energy Saving Trust on finding an installer, you can view their advice here.